Construction of a Strip planking catamaran in Mohamedia (Morocco).

 Plans by Luc Bouvet

Epoxy sandwich superstructures

We formed a team of Moroccans who had mostly never seen a boat and we built this Strip planking catamaran plated mahogany in the “Riva” style

The first operation is to build a model

The couples are cut and aligned. The boat is built upside down, it will be returned later.

Red Cedar planks are applied to this model to make the plating.

This plating will then be covered with fiberglass and epoxy resin

Once the model is completely covered withred cedar  planks and fiberglass, the boat is cut longitudinally along the central beam, a shaper is manufactured which will prevent deformation of the hull during the overturning.

We can then perform this tricky maneuver and reassemble the 2 hulls once the boat returned

The deck and superstructures can then be made after removing all the elements of the model

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